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  1. Try to avoid spoilers. Don’t quit too fast, and when you see a spoiler don’t immediately click it, you won’t practice this way. Also, please don’t hover over spoiler links without the intention to clck them, as their alt text might in fact be the spoiler itself!
  2. Too much spoiling should be prevented. Links to solutions posted by challenge assigners must be spoilers.
  3. Any link to a solution for an assigned problem must be a spoiler, if the problem or a related one has been assigned to multiple students at the same time.
  4. This is NOT a general chatroom for the Jelly programming language, so we can’t process feature requests. It’s intended to work like a classroom. You can enroll using the “request access” button. A public general chatroom does exist, however, so we can redirect feature requests there. This room’s aim is to aid as much as possible in learning the Jelly language.
  5. Moderators on Codegolf.SE and SE employees aren’t exempt from the usual procedure followed by non-diamond users, and are kindly asked not to abuse their powers.
  6. Dennis and “experts” have to be students too, because, well, they can almost certainly still learn things.
  7. Did you request access by mistake? Don’t worry, it can be quite easily reverted by one of the teachers, but you should think before requesting access somewhere nevertheless.
  8. Teachers are training too. Just because somebody is a teacher doesn’t mean they’re not learning anymore, and teachers often need to practice in order to be ready to teach correctly.
  9. Teachers aren’t the only ones to help. Interaction between students is an important part in your learning course, since the teachers (glorified janitors…term familiar?) are not guaranteed to be available at any time.
  10. Student levels and teacher degrees are not access keys, they’re simply experience indicators. However, if a student manages to get to level 5 (not really dependent on previous levels), they can choose to join the teacher team, getting to be room owners. Note that level 5 isn’t dependent on previous levels, you get it if you are eligible to be a teacher, where such eligibility is decided by the teacher team. So, please don’t try to cheat around to get a higher level, it won’t have any advantage at all.
  11. User suspensions aren’t recorded, unlike user deletions when the cause isn’t behavior, since we don’t want to keep records of bad actions of anybody. Please don’t ask us (both the teachers and the students) to record suspensions. Any specific suspension-related messages are to be trashed, and then get flagged for moderator attention so that they can be moved into the Trashcan (moderator-only trash nobody else can see), unless the suspended user themselves decides to make matters public. A fundamental rule of Stack Exchange w/chat suspensions is not to talk about them if you aren’t the one being suspended. Kicks from the Jelly Hypertraining room will be treated likewise, as we want bad-behaving users to fix their behavior, not for us to defame them.
  12. Please use good behavior, The Stack Exchange Code of Conduct is one of the most important Stack Exchange policies applying to chat too.