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Current students

Interaction between students is a vital concept for Jelly Hypertraining. Here is a catalog with each student.

PPCG name GitHub @username Level
HyperNeutrino Alexander Liao (@hyper-neutrino) 4
Mr. Xcoder Victor Dumbrava (@Mr-Xcoder) 4
caird coinheringaahing cairdcoinheringaahing (@cairdcoinheringaahing) 3
Unrelated String @UnrelatedString 3
user202729   3
Bubbler @Bubbler-4 2
Comrade SparklePony Comrade SparklePony (@ComradeSparklePony) 2
DJMcMayhem [♦] @DJMcMayhem 2
scatter Christian (@scatter-dev) 2
ATaco William Lemon (@TehFlaminTaco) 1
Business Cat Business Cat (@splcurran) 1
clap   1
Cows Quack @kritixilithos 1
Ian Gödel   1
Jonathan Allan Jonathan Allan (@jjallan) 1
Kroppeb @Kroppeb 1
lirtosiast Thomas Kwa (@tkwa) 1
lolad   1
MilkyWay90 @MilkyWay90 1
Noah Cristino Noah Cristino (@NoahCristino) 1
officialaimm Ayush Ojha (@officialaimm) 1
Qwerp-Derp Hanyuan Li (@Qwerp-Derp) 1
Sherlock9 @Sherlock9 1
totallyhuman Sumant Bhaskaruni (@totallyhuman) 1
Tristan Wiley Tristan Wiley (@TristanWiley) 1
Ven ven (@vendethiel) 1
Zylviij   1
RGS RGS (@RojerGS) 1
Adam Adam Ratzman (@adamint) 0
AdmBorkBork   0
betseg @betseg 0
Bijan   0
dkudriavtsev Dmitry Kudriavtsev (@dkudriavtsev) 0
Downgoat Vihan (@vihanb) 0
dylnan Dylan Rees (@dylannrees) 0
J. Sallé   0
John Militer   0
Khuldraeseth na’Barya   0
Lynn Lynn (@lynn) 0
ThePirateBay   0
V. Courtois   0

Striked students means that their account has been deleted, or they have left the classroom.

The ♦ symbol represents an authority on a site. Please remember that you’re encouraged to limit your powers to situations where it’s absolutely necessary to use them.

What do the different levels mean?

0: Admirer: Has never worked on anything with Jelly, only admiring it.

1: Beginner: Done their first program in Jelly.

2: Challenged: Committed to learning Jelly.

3: Progressed: Unstoppable!

4: Finalist: Aaaaaalmost an expert! A liiiiitle bit and you’re done!

5: Expert: A fellow student, now eligible to be promoted to a teacher!