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Current teachers

Teachers are assistants through the course of learning about the Jelly language, and are also room owners. This is the list of current teachers.

PPCG name GitHub @username Honorary degree Experience level
Erik the Outgolfer Έρικ Κωνσταντόπουλος (@GolfingSuccess) Creator of Jelly Hypertraining Aged
Leaky Nun Kenny Lau (@kckennylau) Active Teacher of All Time Aged

Currently there are no retired teachers.

Honorary degrees

Please note that you only get these degrees once, and they’re permanent.

  • Promoted: Having been succesful during training, now they’re ready to train!
  • Newcomer: Recently promoted, a brand new teacher desperately waiting to teach!
  • Experienced: Having been a teacher for a week, now they possess a considerable amount of teaching experience, ready to teach better than ever!
  • Aged: Has been a teacher for a month, now wiser than ever!
  • Active Teacher of All Time: Having shown considerable activity, they’re the ones most often there to teach the students.
  • Creator of Jelly Hypertraining: Awarded to @GolfingSuccess, the ultimate creator of this class!